Video Games Without Sound?

Let’s face it, whether you realize it or not, audio is crucial to get the full entertainment experience.  Imagine you are watching a film, like Star Wars, and the only audio that was available was the dialog and the sounds of the vehicles?  I will tell you that you would not have the entire experience.  The audio takes you on that journey, from beginning to end.  It also makes you FEEL, especially if you are experiencing it in surround sound.

The same applies to video games.  Have you played games with the TV on mute?  Do you play worse without any sound?  I will bet that you are a better player with video game sound, right?

Video game audioVideo game chairs are a big seller these days.  There are even some that have subwoofers built in.  The more sound you have, the better.

The business of sound is a big deal.  There is a massive tradeshow called GameSoundCon, and this year it is happening in Los Angeles on November 7th-8th.  They call it the Game Music, Sound Design And Virtual Reality Audio Conference.  Like any major trade show, there will be keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and of course, demonstrations.

I say all of this because there are many opportunities to get into this field.  According to Forbes magazine, gaming revenues hit $23.5 billion in 2015.  That is a 5% jump over the previous year.  It looks like this industry is not going to slow down.  So, if you are interested in Game Audio, now is a good time to go to a school that specializes in this field.  You want the specialization, because usually the school and the instructors have connections, and if you play your cards right, you may be able to get a good job after you finish school.  You see, it is all about relationships, and that can help you land that dream job.

They say, “do what you like and you will not have to work a day in your life.”  This is actually true, and if you are into video games, the opportunities are out there.