Choosing the Best Home Alarm System

The value of a home alarm system

Home alarm systems are the best line of security for the average home owner and family. When properly installed, they can provide life-saving warning of an intruder and fire events. Additionally, with the price point of professional installation within the price range of your high-end smartphone, alarm systems are substantially more affordable than other security measures, like camera systems or intrusion prevention screens. Therefore, if there is one line of defence you need in place, it is an alarm system.

What does an alarm system do?

An alarm system comes with special accessories known as “detectors” or “sensors”. Detectors most commonly utilise passive infrared signals to detect movement, and are thus commonly referred to as motion detectors or simply “PIRs”. However, many other types of detectors are available, such as detectors that monitor for particular sounds and vibrations, the direct opening of circuits, as well as smoke, which in turn emit alarms when glass windows are struck or broken, when doors/windows are opened, or when fire/smoke is detected, respectively. So, with careful selection and positioning of the appropriate detectors, you can have an alarm system that will protect your family from fire and intrusion 24/7.

Is an alarm system difficult to use?

Whilst the installation and programming of a premium alarm system is very difficult to achieve (which is why we recommend professional installation), the actual end-user experience is quite positive, with operation typically being as simple as a pressing a few buttons, such as entering a PIN code.

How do I find the best home alarm system?

Price is one big indication — you honestly get what you pay for. There are many cheap systems available online and from local retailers, but their quality and features are lacking, as well as their longevity and expandability. If you have practically no budget for your home security system, then you’re best off buying dummy equipment, rather than buying a cheap system that will likely become problematic. Otherwise, we highly recommend having a premium alarm system from a brand like Bosch, Ness, Hills, or Honeywell installed. The money spent on a premium alarm system is a worthy investment that will be good for the next decade. And whilst the impressive amount features that these systems boast may seem a little daunting, it actually makes your choice of alarm system much simpler: simply choose the system that you think will look best in your home, because whether it be a Ness, Honeywell, or Bosch alarm system, they are all designed to anticipate the needs of anybody who uses them, so you can’t lose (just make sure you vet a few installers before proceeding).