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There are many entertainment websites out there, so why create another one?  Most of the ones that I come across are about the major players in entertainment.  You can find most of that information on the front page of USA Today or TMZ.  Cool Content Coming Soon will focus on the little guy, one that you may not immediately see. We especially love music here at Cool Content Coming Soon, and we will try to inform you on the latest cool music for you to enjoy.  We will visit all genres, as we know people have different tastes.

In addition to music, we like to get into technology a little.  If the technology creates some of the entertainment, we will inform you about it.  We have some geek writers here who are wanna be artists, so you know they will write good posts on this technology.

What other types of cool content will we feature?  Social media is extremely huge, not only with Facebook and Twitter, but there are other “niche” social media sites out there that people no nothing about.  We will try to bring profiles of these sites to you to see if you can benefit from these avenues.

Youtube is a place where people can express their creativity, and we would like to bring you some of those quirky videos for your enjoyment.  Our crack staff will sift through all of the videos and give you the most interesting short videos that are out there, so check back often!

We are also looking for aspiring blog writers to submit their content for publication.  We always like a different insight on the matters we like to report.  New writers can always use the Contact Us form to let us know what you think, so if you think you have what it takes, let us know.